IN Tornadoes Cause Damage and Injuries


At least three tornadoes tore through parts of central and southern Indiana on Sunday. The Storm Prediction Center had an Enhanced Risk of severe weather in place across much of the Ohio Valley. Tornadoes and large hail were expected as storms moved through.

A survey team from the National Weather Service confirmed one tornado in Jackson County. Significant damage was reported near Brownstown and Seymour.

Another tornado was confirmed in Lawrence county. The third confirmed tornado hit Muncie with a preliminary rating of EF-1. Survey teams were also expected to assess reported damage in Delaware and Jay counties.

Sunday’s severe weather also caused multiple injuries in Ohio. At least eight people were injured in Mercer county. Six people were hurt at a restaurant in Celina, one person was hurt at a separate business, and the final person was injured in a car crash when a utility pole fell. All injuries are being attributed to severe weather in the area.

The National Weather Service will be conducting surveys in this area today. Along no tornadoes have been confirmed, the NWS believe that two different tornadoes hit the county. Several businesses reported severe damage and many trees and power lines were down.

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