Indiana Tornado Outbreak

Severe Storm in Ohio

9:30 AM THURSDAY — Early Thursday morning, the National Weather Service is out assessing the damage from multiple tornadoes that ripped through northern Indiana and northwestern Ohio. At least eight tornadoes have been confirmed so far, one of which caused significant damage in Kokomo, IN. The NWS has given that tornado a preliminary rating of EF-3 with maximum potential winds up to 165 mph. This particular tornado destroyed multiple homes and businesses. About a dozen people suffered minor injuries. Miraculously, no fatalities or major injuries have been reported.

Because of the destruction in Kokomo, Howard County officials declared a state of emergency. The city’s mayor, Greg Goodnight, said that over 200 people were forced to stay in temporary shelters on Wednesday night. Thousands of residents remain without power this morning.

Potential Tornado Tracks

Potential Tornado Tracks from Wednesday, August 24 via NWS Northern Indiana.

The areas hardest hit by Wednesday’s severe weather spent much of the day outside of the SPC’s main severe and tornado risk areas. Most of the tornadoes that developed were in the Marginal risk area.

WEDNESDAY EVENING — A very active day of weather unfolded across parts of Indiana and Ohio on Wednesday with multiple confirmed tornadoes in both states.

A Starbucks was completely demolished in Kokomo, IN as a tornado tore through the city. The Kokomo area was under three separate tornado warnings throughout the afternoon and evening on Wednesday as severe storms continued to race through the region. Multiple homes and businesses also suffered significant damage.

A Tornado Watch remains in effect for parts of northern Indiana and Ohio through tonight. Along with a few tornadoes, damaging wind gusts and large hail are also possible.

We have chasers in the field tracking these storms and you can follow them LIVE here.

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